The heart of the life of the Religious Society of Friends is the Meeting for Worship. It calls for us to offer ourselves, body, mind, and soul for the doing of God’s will. Worship is the adoring response of the … Continue reading


What is a PT Quaker, you might ask. Well, let me give you a brief description, then offer a longer explanation.

A PT Quaker is a member of the Religious Society of Friends who attends a Monthly Meeting of the North Pacific Yearly Meeting in the town of Port Townsend, Washington, United States of America.
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Port Townsend Friends Meetinghouse

Our Meetinghouse New-sign-480
Port Townsend Community Center, our home until Aug. 2014. Church of Christ on Sheridan Ave Port Townsend Friends Meeting today

After any years of meeting in a rented space, the Port Townsend Friends Meeting has found a meetinghouse.

We purchased a building that used to be the Church of Christ church at Sheridan and 19th Streets. The two Church of Christ congregations in town joined together and are now using the church on Walker Avenue. Our Meeting acquired the building on August 14th.

Our Quaker Meeting is excited about getting this meetinghouse, and see many opportunities for use of this space. We are thankful for the support of many Friends, who have been offered both financial gifts and spiritual encouragement. We ask all Friends to hold us in the Light as we move ahead in this new meetinghouse.


Here are some pictures of our major changes as we transformed the building from Church of Christ with its adult immersion baptismal font into a Quaker Meeting with its traditional hospitality.

Worship Room:
Removed of green Baptismal visible to congregation through window in front of sanctuary. Replaced  pew dominated unidirectional seating with a variety of seating options in a circle. Added lighting options including enlarged exterior the windows.
worship_room3 tub worshiproom
Church of Christ Sanctuary green Baptismal, accessible through door at front of sanctuary Quaker Worship room
Transformed a double classroom into a  kitchen for serving, but not cooking, potluck dinners and event snacks and beverages.
room DSCF8214
2 doored Double classroom Service Kitchen with counter open to the hall

Full slide show of our premises.


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Port Townsend Friend Meeting: State of the Meeting Report Year 2012

The deepening of our experience of the Spirit and the strengthening of the loving bonds of community among us continue to be the linchpins of the Port Townsend Friends Meeting, and the support we show one another in times of trouble continue to define the core strength of our Meeting.   One such time of trouble came early in the year when we once again had to face the passing of one of our beloved members, Lauren Erickson.  We were blessed beforehand with the opportunity to participate in a joyous celebration of her life with Lauren present, shining her Light upon all of us from her hospital bed in … Continue reading