Port Townsend Friends (Quakers) look to establish a Meetinghouse

The Port Townsend Friends Meeting is exploring the idea of obtaining a space that will
serve our needs for worship and provide a multi-use facility for the community. We are inviting
interested individuals, and groups, to consider supporting and/or joining us in this project.

Many ideas have been put forward as to what other needs could be served by this project.
Some of the ideas included a permanent home for the Port Townsend Peace Library, a shared
worship space, social service facilities during the week, to a permanent homeless shelter.

We are open to many ideas and possibilities for a shared facility. Do you have unused or
underused property or buildings? Are you looking to co-develop a joint use facility? Do you
have expertise or services that you would be willing to donate? Are you looking for a space to
teach, worship or serve? Maybe you have other ideas that you would like to nourish. If so,
please contact Jeff Johnson, Clerk of Meetinghouse Committee, Port Townsend Friends Meeting,
at (360) 385-6000.

Port Townsend Friends Meeting is part of The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
We currently meet for worship at the Port Townsend Community Center each Sunday at 10 AM.
All are welcome to join us in worship. A basic tenet of our faith is that there is that of God in
everyone and everything. We often refer to this presence as The Light. This belief has led us to
our testimonies of peace, social justice, equality and the right use and sharing of the worlds

We have been an active part of the Port Townsend community since the early 1960’s
when Bill and Eleanor Nelson started a Quaker Worship Group in their home. Since then, we
have grown to become an established Quaker Meeting and feel that it is time to explore options
for a permanent Port Townsend Friends Meeting home.

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