Participation in the Life of the Meeting

The life of the Meeting depends upon varied gifts.

There are varieties of Gifts, but the same Spirit. There are varieties of service, but the same Lord. There are many forms of work, but all of them, in all men, are the work of the same God. In each of us the Spirit is manifested in one particular way, for some useful urpose. One man, through the Spirit, has the gift of wise speech, while another, by the power of the same Spirit, can put the deepest knowledge into words. Another, by the same Spirit, is granted faith; another,by the one Spirit, gifts of healing, and another miraculous powers; another has the gift of prophecy, and another the ability to distinguish true spirits from false; yet another has the gift of ecstatic utterance of different kinds, and another the ability to interpret it. But all these gifts are the work of one and the same Spirit, distributing them separately to each individual at will.

1 Corinthians 12:4-11

The Meeting is enriched when all members and attenders participate actively. The working of the Holy Spirit in our lives is expressed through prophetic ministry, pastoral caring for each other, and the example provided by lives lived in the Light.

In the active life of the Meeting, an individual’s leadings are tempered and strengthened by the corporate spirit. All members have responsibility for participation in, and the financial support of, the Meeting.

Attenders are encouraged to become acquainted with Friends’ ways, and to apply for membership when it is evident that the Meeting has become their spiritual home.

When Meeting for Worship has a central place in one’s life, regular and punctual attendance follows. We hold in the Light those who are unable to attend by reason of infirmity, or imprisonment, distance, or other stresses in their lives.

Do we each take an active part in the life of our Meeting?
How do we recognize the varied skills and spiritual gifts of our members and attenders? How do we nurture their use and growth?
In what ways are we bringing together members and attenders, young and old, in love and community?
Do we visit one another in our homes and keep in touch with distant members?
How are strangers made to feel welcome in our midst?
How do we encourage attenders to share in Meeting activities and responsibilities and to consider membership when they are ready?

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