Port Townsend Friends Meeting State of the Society Report 2015

“drawn together in the same spirit”

The Meeting is growing and developing in mutual support, faith and practice. We are ban older community, small but vigorous, and maturing in life with one another. In this first full year in the Meetinghouse, worship has deepened, with several members holding our gathering in conscious care each First Day. A monthly reading of advices and after-meeting worship sharing has enriched us with diverse experiences and perspectives. A five-week worship sharing on a Pendle Hill pamphlet authored by a Meeting member, provided opportunity for profound discussion on end of life. A vocal holding of others in the light at the end of worship has increased and concentrated our capacity for spiritual growth and support, as have care and clearness committees, mid- week worship, spiritual nurture groups and the formation of several anchor committees. One member completed the Way of the Spirit program and two additional members began this two year intensive exploration of Quaker root and branch, adding to the Meeting’s individual and collective understanding of our life together as Friends.

Monthly pot lucks connect us in mutual affection, and serve as a time to become better acquainted with visitors. Three new members joined the Meeting this year and were warmly received. Hospitality is at the heart of outreach and we delight in welcoming new friends and neighbors. A new kitchen designed for ease of serving and as an informal gathering place after worship has been a wonderful addition. New signs have made the Meetinghouse more visible. A series of Meetinghouse concerts raised funds for kitchen construction and opened doors both to talented performers and audiences who enjoyed music and conversation. The Meetinghouse is well used by the Buddhist sangha and community groups, and for meetings and educational series such as the month-long “Conversation on Race.”

We have developed a relationship with our next door neighbor, Jumping Mouse, a therapeutic center for children and families. The meeting volunteered again with the winter shelter, providing meals and night monitors. A peace and social concerns working group started this year bringing together individuals working with regional and national Friends groups such as AFSC, FCNL, FLGBTCQ, QEW and FCWP, and on local issues. Port Townsend Friends were in the state capitol for Quaker lobby day, and were at the core of local events commemorating Hiroshima. Two from the Meeting were arrested in witness for peace at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor.

Port Townsend Friends are active in Quarterly Meeting and with the North Pacific Yearly Meeting, expressing gratitude for the many threads and energies which weave our shared and unfolding journey.

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