Sunday Morning Volunteers

  • The Key person opens the front & rear Meetinghouse doors at 9:15 and turns on lights, checks thermostat, windows, furniture arrangement in the Worship room, set up of the lobby and supplies in the bathrooms. The key person or their designee checks thermostat, windows, empties trash, leaves a list of any needed supplies on the office desk, turns of flights and locks all doors.
  • The Greeter welcomes everyone, gives new comers welcome brochure, answers questions, encourages them to fill out stick-on name tag, sign our guest book and may direct them to yellow contact cards.

Sunday Morning Worship Facilitator

This task is filled by a member of our Ministry and Counsel committee or their designee.

The facilitator is responsible for maintaining a worshipful atmosphere inside the worship room..

  1. Distribute Query of the month (Queries are found in a brown envelope on a shelf in the library)
  2. remind hymn singers at 10 mins to the hour to sing Ubi Caritas and move into worship.
  3. Invite friends to bring forth names to “Hold in the Light” towards the end of the worship.
  4. Break Meeting with shaking hands.
  5. Invite introductions and significant sharing, going around the room
  6. Invite announcements

Volunteer Rides

This is the task for those with a roomy car and steady feet who value Peg and Ethel’s presence in Meeting for Worship and appreciate the one-on-one time with them.

For both Peg and Ethel the driver may wish to call ahead, to be sure they feel up to coming and will be ready.

Peg: Arrive ~ 9:30am. You may need to help her dress (which could be awkward, if you are male).. Your car must accommodate a walker. Be sure Peg has her cup and writing tablet. Push her to the car while she sits on her walker. Be ready at any time to catch her if she has a little fainting spell. Once at Meeting, get Peg water and transcribe any spoken messages. Take her back to the Life Care Center after Meeting.

Ethel: ~ 9:45. Bring Pippin as well as Ethel and her walker. Take Ethel home after Meeting.

Kitchen Duties for Potlucks

This is the job for practical folks who enjoy good food and a clean kitchen.

Arrive half and hour before the pot luck.
Accept potluck contributions and store as appropriate for during worship.
1.  Cold items go in the frig.
2.  Items that need to be kept warm go in the oven (be sure the oven is turned on to warm)
3.  Items in crock pots can be plugged in along the serving counter.
Prepare coffee and tea.
After meeting start the coffee and the hot water.
Make sure someone is setting up tables for potluck.
Set out items that go on the tables:  tablecloths, caddies that contain eating utensils, napkins, salt and pepper.
Set out potluck items from frig and oven using hot pads on the kitchen counter.
Have people do any last-minute details to the food they brought such as toss salads.
Serve and eat.
Open the cabinet and pull out the shelf with the garbage can.
Provide a rubber scraper and have everyone scrape their plate into the garbage.
Load and run the dishwashers.
Put any clean utensils and napkins back in their drawers.
Stack the caddies.
Clean and put away the coffee pot and tea kettle.
Put away the teas.
Wash the counters and any items that can’t go in the dishwasher.
Collect the used table cloths and napkins.  Give them to whoever is going to launder them.
Sweep the kitchen floor.

Monthly Outdoor Activities

These are the tasks for folks who love to garden. They are available on a monthly basis, your choice of what day/time works for you. Please coordinate with other Outdoor volunteers of the month.

  • Weeder. Bring your own gloves and kneeling pad. Put yard waste in appropriate recepticle for pick up.
  • Lawn Mower. Electric Lawn mower is in the shed. Plug it in outdoor socket and away you go.
  • Shrubbery Trimmer. We have an electric hedge trimmer in the work room. Our landscaping is mature and in need of manicure. Hint: signs in the hedge at the parking lot entrance should be clearly visible.