We are glad to tell in words as well as deeds the faith that is in us. We seek fellowship with others of our own faith and with all people, realizing the oneness of humanity under God. Our witness is characterized by humility and a willingness to learn from others so that differences can be transcended. In discussion, we must not allow the strength of our convictions to betray us into making misleading or contentious statements. The experiences of others, especially those in circumstances different from our own, help us to discover what is true for us and may help us sense real kinship. We are constantly reminded that Truth is greater than the knowledge any of us has of it. God did not put all the fruit on one branch.
How do our lives testify to our convictions as Friends?
What are we doing to share our faith?
How do we practice listening to the Truth which may be revealed by others?
What ways do we find to cooperate with persons and groups with whom we share beliefs and concerns?
Do we reach out with love and respect to those with whom we disagree?
What are we doing to make the larger community aware of our Friends Meeting?

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