People everywhere are children of God and members of one family. We value the worth of each person. We cannot be easy in our own lives when others suffer indignity, injustice, or want. In the Spirit of Christ, we are ready to put ourselves at one another’s side and share each other’s burdens. As we are true to the Divine within ourselves, we respond to the Divine in others.

Do we speak to and answer “that of God” in everyone?
In all our relations with others, are we sensitive to issues of equality, autonomy, and power? How do we challenge destructive patterns in these relationships when they arise?
How do we encourage ourselves and others to consider people as individuals, rather than as stereotypes?
What are we doing about the injustices which are part of our social and economic life?
How do we help those who suffer from discrimination?
Do we avoid being drawn into violent reactions against those who are destructive of human dignity?
Do we reach out to the violator as well as the violated with courage and love?
Do we search diligently for ways of assuring the right of every individual to be loved, cared for, and educated appropriately, to obtain useful employment; and to live in dignity?

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