Support for the Standing Rock Sioux Minute

The Port Townsend Friends (Quakers) share with Bellingham Friends, strong support for the Standing Rock Sioux in opposing construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and in insisting that their legal and  treaty rights be fully honored and not be violated.

The word, “Dakota,” means “friend.”  As Friends (Quakers), we bear witness to the equality and sacred nature of every person.  The principle of equality is fundamental  in a democratic society.  When we shut out the voices and ignore the rights of Native Americans we deny that principle.

As Friends, we also hold sacred the responsibility of all humanity to care for the Earth, and preserve it for future generations and all life.  Our Native American sisters and brothers have long modeled the importance of considering the needs of future generations, before acting.  Expediting projects such as the  Dakota Access Pipeline, and pursuing the extraction, transport, and use of fossil fuel  instead of renewable and sustainable alternatives imperils the earth’s waters, the  atmosphere, the air we breathe, and the climate necessary for continued life on earth. If we are to act quickly at this time, let it be toward developing renewable and sustainable energy, and implementing environmentally sound practices  to preserve our Earth­ home and all life on it.

Jeff Johnson, clerk of Port Townsend Friends Meeting

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